Sartorial Identity

21 February 2022 Categoria:

Made in Italy has always been synonymous with quality and excellence all over the world. And one of the fundamental values behind the à la page brand is the entirely and rigorously Italian tailoring.

The à la page creations have a history behind them, they speak of their being and the way in which they were produced; this is made possible thanks to a careful selection of suppliers, scattered throughout the Italian territory. These are small tailor-made realities, magical places, where time seems to have stopped. Small workshops, where art is made, including paper for models, mannequins and cutting and sewing tools, each specialized in certain product categories and processes.

We invest in the research of particular, quality fabrics, we invest in the study of raw materials and in the development of ideas, to ensure that ideas become projects, projects become prototypes and prototypes become collections. Each sketch, each line, fabric, button used is the result of a precise choice, where colors, materials and style dance in synergy to create a unique and refined combination.

Each single garment tells the attention to detail, exclusivity, craftsmanship, creativity, typical characteristics of Made in Italy, but at the same time has a look towards the trends of the moment, in such a way as to always reflect the identity of the brand.

Obviously at the base of everything there is the great skill and sacrifice of the artisans who make our garments in a precise way. Their ingenuity, together with their ability, are the basis of a typically Italian style envied all over the world.

Their works convey all the passion and enthusiasm they employ in making garments.

This is the added value for those who choose à la page items, in addition to the highest quality and safety on the materials used.