The value of the hand-made

21 February 2022 Categoria:

How many of you can think of the image of your grandmother knitting or crocheting or embroidering a small sheet?

Seeing a woman knitting or crochet recalls ancient thoughts of a slower and less hectic world that we jealously keep in our childhood memories.

But how much is a handmade accessory worth?

Each handmade object carries with it a story that is a mix of many elements: what inspired that creation? Why were certain materials and colors chosen? All this makes it beautiful, unique and original and increases its value.

These objects are made with the heart and the head, rather than with the hands.

It must also be said that every hand-made object is handmade from start to finish, with attention to the smallest details from design to construction; giving it, therefore, means giving time, one’s time, which is the most precious thing we have.

It’s a clear message: when you give someone a handcrafted item, you are telling that person that they deserve something unique and special… just like her! You are giving it all the love, attention, and mastery that that object breathed while it was being created. Yes, because the person who made it loves what he does.

Precisely for all the values that these objects can transmit, we have decided to include accessories made by the precious hands of Italian artisans in the autumn / winter 2022/23 collection.